Okay, I'll admit that parts of this image could be a little disturbing. But there is romance in it. The colors, the artist's attention to detail, the passion of the couple (a couple that some might think didn't belong together), and the mystical feel to it are only a few things that stick out to me.

These characters have found something special and beautiful in their world and while life goes on around them they. There's even a theme to the photo. Do you see it? If you can't, click on the picture and it will take you to a page where the artist talks about how he came up with the idea.

And speaking of finding romance in the world we live, I've given myself the challenge of looking for something romantic every day. It's occurred to me that sometimes what is romantic isn't all hearts and flowers. Sometimes it's simply something that makes you smile or that inspires you.

In the last week, here are 5 things that I've seen that struck me as romantic.

~ Jenius Jax as she stood with Mr. Right in my kitchen. They seem to always stand within touching distance and they exchange little gestures constantly that show they love each other.

~ Hanging out in the pool with CIS and Destruction. Taking time out of life's hectic schedule to play, relax and make a kid laugh holds a special kind of magic.

~ When I walked into the living room last night (after having been working late in my office) to find CIS and Chaos watching TV. Destruction was passed out in CIS' lap, and he was in no hurry to move her to her bed.

~ A massage. I had a horrible headache the other day and my shoulder was giving me fits. CIS stopped doing his chores and gave me a massage worthy of one I'd pay good money for. The headache went away and the shoulder felt much better afterwards.

~ A rainstorm. Yes, even dark gray clouds obliterating the sun and a torrential downpour pelting everything can be romantic and inspiring. How? It leaves a clean scent in the air, a brighter sky, and it makes the grass and trees a vibrant green.

So tell me, where is the romance in your life? What makes you smile? What inspires you?

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On July 1, 2009 at 12:09 AM , Ben said...

I like your idea of finding something romantic everyday. And even though the picture is a little disturbing at first :) I got into it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading!