Line edits for THE CHOSEN ONE are complete and have been turned in to my editor. As I worked on them I found myself with mixed emotions. As I read though it, line by line, there were times that I hated the book and then a few minutes later I would read an incredible scene and I'd be in love all over again.

I guess I'm just going though my first book jitters. I know I've said it before, but the closer I come to publication, the more I find that I'm nervous about my career choice. Don't get me wrong, I love writing and everything about it. Its the waiting that is killing me slowly.

As a reward for finishing my edits. I picked up where I left off on FORBIDDEN MASASLA. This is really a treat for me, because I've suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms in the two weeks that I didn't work on it.

I've also outlined two novellas. One I'm contracted for and is due to my publisher in December and the other I'm sending to my agent for her to submit. The two of them are a little more erotic than I'm used to writing, but I'm having loads of fun with them.

On a personal note, this week marks the first week of summer vacation. My son is already keeping me busy, but I'm loving that he is home with me. These are the days I cherish most of all. He is already eleven and soon he'll be too grown-up to laze around the house with me.

Until next week....

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