Romance really can be found anywhere. We just have to look for it. I get wrapped up in work and all the things I have to get done that I forget to look for it, and I've surrounded myself with it.

Pictures of my kids and family, handmade presents they make at school, a picture frame that was gifted to me, a ceramic bowl that my sister took my girls to make for me one Mother's Day, a frog that came from CIS that says Kiss Me I am your prince charming, and my TV that required CIS to get in the blazing hot attic to run wiring for are only some of the items in my office that were given to me with love in mind. And to top all of that off, it's in my office that was once CIS' dark room. He got rid of his stuff, redid the space, and installed a window for me so that I had my own place to work. Seriously, if that isn't romance I'm not sure what is. And though it isn't a vase of flowers, there is a rose bush planted outside my window that CIS bought me.

So you tell me, where is the romance in your life? From where you're sitting right this minute, what can you see that reminds you of someone that you love?

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