It would be a dream come true if authors were able to write without worrying about working a 9-to-5, housecleaning, and the day-to-day family obligations to tend to...but in reality, no matter if you write on a schedule, sneak in a few hours before your work day, or some time after the kids are in bed, it's something that must be done if you want to see publication in your future.

For me, I have no children but I have daily pressures, freelance work, and all the other promotional obligations that come with being published. Everyday is a full day and I'm constantly working to produce. Yet, it's important for authors to remember that they must make time out for themselves. When you neglect yourself, you're not doing yourself any favors. Creativity is something that needs to be harnessed and whether you're visiting a spa, lounging at the pool, taking a long nature walk or visiting a museum...all these things will kick in that part of your brain that needs inspiration. When you're constantly on the go and you're not taking a mental break, you'll find yourself burnt out and your enthusiasm waning. Now, it's okay to take a day or two out but motivation can be a huge factor once you get too comfortable with taking too many days off. It's going to be hard to jump start your writing again. My suggestion is to do something relaxing yet inspirational, but try to retain that high you receive and channeling it into your writing. That gives you a good balance between work and play.

Now that I've taken a few days off after my move, I'm ready to jump back in and start to work again. After all, it is Monday....the weekend is just around the corner. :)

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