As authors we either 1. have a neverending supply of ideas or 2. we struggle to come up with ideas without a lot of research or brainstorming.

Not long ago I spoke to an author friend who mentioned that she has always been amazed at my ability to think up new ideas. Every time we speak, it's easy for me to throw out something I've been tinkering because my mind never stops. I find a story in the simplest things and could probably pull it off. Now, if only I could turn out pages faster. I figured I have a lifetime to create and I'll try to get all those stories down one day. :)

Where do you get ideas? Does it come easily or do you have to be inspired, compelled, or collaborate to get the right story?

Currently I'm unpacking after the weekend move so this post is late in coming, but I'm sure you've got some great ideas lying around--so, what are you waiting for? Write it!

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