I've been flailing some in my focus lately, so I've resolved to fix it. I have set myself some goals and have written them out with deadlines on the ones I can control and have posted them on my desk where I see them daily.

My current goal is to finish writing th first draft of my current WIP before September 21. It's doable. It's a 10 chapter book and I'm in chapter 3. That means I have to write one chapter every day. When this is finished I get to take short break and atend Lora Leigh's Readers Appreciation Weekend for some R&R. This will be my 3rd year to attend and it just keeps getting better, though I do need to put together a sinning saint costume before I go. :)

When I get back I will get straight to work polishing the WIP and another story that I want to get in shape for agent submissions. I figure at the very least all this work will help keep me from being a complete neurotic mess as I get closer to my release day. I'm trying very hard to compartmentalize so I don't overstress. HA! We'll see how well I succeed (and possibly how much weight I gain in the process).

So tell me, have you set any goals for yourself? Did you set some at the beginning of the year? Have you accomplished any? If you were going to set some new ones, what would they be?

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