Ever since catching the writing bug, I've developed an addiction for writing tools and gadgets. Some of my favorite things happen to come from the same site...www.ninthmoon.com They are the coolest!

Like many of my counterparts, I've always got a notebook or two with me at all times. I have a few of this one. My hubby got it for me and I smile every time I read the quote on the front.

I love paperweights. This is a great one.

My house could really use this door hanger. My 11 year old is always barging into my office when I'm working.

I'm always in search of inspiration. This framed prayer seems like a good way to help put the dark moments into perspective.

Why don't you check them out. They also have tons of promotional items you can use when the time comes to promote your masterpiece.

Have a great writing day everyone!


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