The kids are back in school and October 13th is rapidly approaching, so I settled in this last week to work. To kick things off I created a new To Do list and let me tell's long. The good news is that I am getting to mark things off now that I have it written down to serve as a motivation.

The biggest thing I've tackled so far is a short story that will be a free read on a Samhain site in October. Ian and Kieralyn from SOUNDS TO DIE BY go to a party where we meet Eden Maverick and Breck Lawson. Eden is struggling with the possibility that the love of her life who vanished two years ago is about to reappear (or that she's somehow the brunt of a cruel joke) and Breck is realizing that as much as he wants a relationship with Eden she'll only ever be an honorary sister for him - he seems to be collecting sisters these days.

It was a challenge for me to write something so short, we were limited to 3-4 thousand words, but the few people who've read it for me have said that I've done well with it. It was fun to play with some characters that I've been "finished" with for awhile and explore a new hero a little more. Now I'm really chomping at the bit to settle in with that hero and finish his story.

While I do that, be sure you come back Thursday to visit with Rosemary Clement-Moore. She's a super lady and you don't want to miss her.

Also, I have a contest going on at my website. Check it out!

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