Having fun, right? Well, it also flies when you're working and the kids are out of school because of the "swine flu". I'm not sure what happened to the last week, but I know that I finished a round of revisions on a manuscript that I'll soon be sending in to my editor. Fingers crossed that she loves it and buys it.

I have a Prada inspired, suede handbag with a bracelet, a jazz CD and critique up for auction on Brenda Novak's diabetes auction site. Check it out, and all the other goodies.

I'm also holding a contest that expires May 15th. Here are the details. I hope you'll play.

I’m looking for a series title for my Samhain series. Contributors emailing me at nikki@nikkiduncan.com with ideas will be entered in a drawing for a $20 iTunes gift card. The winning title contributor will win an advance read of SOUNDS TO DIE BY as soon as I do edits and my editor says I can release it to the world and a $25 gift card to the online bookstore of your choice (MBAM, Amazon, etc).

Elements of the stories to help you target the naming:
~ Each book is going to be a fun(ish), romantic suspense
~ Each book will have an FBI person going undercover
~ A sense (touch, taste, smell, see, hear) will be key in each story. SOUNDS TO DIE BY for example focuses on what they hear since the hero is blind. The second story that I’m working on is tentatively titled SCENT OF PERSUASUION.

I came up with Undercover Senses which is direct and simple. My editor likes the word “Sensory” better than “Senses” and I’m inclined to agree because it’s sexier, but neither of us has come up with something we LOVE. So, if you’re game, HELP!!

Have a great week, and come back Thursday to see what Agent Elaine Spencer has in store for you!!

Naughty Nikki

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