It's another work week and there's plenty of cool things going on ...

1. Two members of Romance Divas, Bria Quinlan and Mel Berthier, created EXCERPT MONDAYS ... and I'm participating! One Monday a month, aspiring and published authors will post an excerpt of their projects, either published or work in progress (WIP) for readers to view and comment. It's a great way to showcase authors you've never read or authors you might want to keep an eye on for when they do publish. There's different genres and heat level ratings to choose from. This is my first time participating so I'm hoping that I'll have enough excerpts to provide in the coming months!

2. I had a contest at the Parker Publishing blog in which I challenged authors to do a collage. Cate Hart took me up on that challenge and created an awesome collage of her current WIP. Thanks for sharing and for being a good sport!

3. If you've got teen and teenage girls, my friend Eva Gale directed me to a very cool site to keep her children busy. Polyvore helps teens to express their style by allowing them to virtually mix & match products from favorite stores. You'll find samples of those who participated and some of the stuff is brilliant and soooo creative!

4. I started watching television this year and I've gotten hooked on Castle and Dollhouse ... and I've heard both shows were on the the chopping block, but there are plenty of folks willing to campaign to save the shows. Just click on the links and you'll find details on the campaigns. Twitter has had a big impact and it seems the voices of viewers are making a difference. :) -- You got me! I'm on twitter so if you have an account and care to join me, you can go to: Maybe I'll get around to designing my twitter page, right now it's a generic template...must add to list.

5. Finally: What are your goals this week? I've got to finish a short story that I should have done last week but was in a funk. This week I'm ready to be productive and kicking butt! Grrrrrr. Now who's with me?! Let's make you accountable. Tell me what your goal is and by Friday, I'll be bugging you all about meeting that goal. Yes, I'm throwing out the challenge!

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On May 11, 2009 at 4:53 PM , Sierra Wolfe said...

Thanks for the tip for teen girls. I passed that site on to my daughter.

I'm so not productive this week. Hopefully, it picks up. But, it's not starting out well. Maybe next week.

On May 11, 2009 at 6:08 PM , Jax Cassidy said...

The week is still got quite a few ahead so hopefully it will be productive. Think positive!

Some of our members at RD find the most interesting sites. I thought Polyvore was so cool so had to give it a mention. Hope your girls like it. :)

On May 12, 2009 at 9:08 AM , Naughty Nikki Duncan said...

LOL, we seem to have a theme going this week.

Cool siggy there, JJ!