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You’re most known for your steamy erotic romances and now you’re writing steamy paranormal romances. Is it a difficult transition from writing contemporaries to paranormals? What other paranormal idea(s) would you like to tackle besides shape shifters?

It’s not really a difficult shift, not for the ones I’ve done anyway. Mostly because my paranormals are still, at the core, contemporary character driven stories. They’re set in todays world, with characters who just happen to have a little something extra; a psychic ability, or a magical power. As for will there be more? Well, I’m not ready to share what my next project will be yet. But you never know. wink

What have you learned most about the publishing industry since you began? How much has the economy impacted your career?

I’ve learned that it’s like any other industry, if you want to succeed you need to work hard.

The economy hasn’t really effected me much, mostly because I decided a while ago to take some time off from writing. I went back to my regular night job for a while, and have been very relaxed about my writing career. However, with a new release in June, that might change. I think with the economy the way it is, it’s really up to readers to buy the books from authors they want to see keep writing. Publishing is a business, and if our books aren’t selling, the publishers won’t keep buying from us. While that’s always been true, it’s even more so right now because publishers, like any business, want to limit risk in this uncertain economy, so they’ll be even more strict about who they buy. I’m sure I’ll see the crunch when I start sending out proposals again.

How tumultuous was your writing journey and where do you hope to see your career going?

I’m pretty lucky. It was actually very smooth up until a year and a half ago. That’s when I decided I wanted to try and take it to another level, but was unsure of how to do so. It’s taken me some time to figure out what I want to do, and how I want to do it, but I’m hoping now that I’ve chosen a path it’ll smooth out again. I think like anything else, it will go in cycles.

Authors are always looking for ways to promote themselves, especially those who are new to the game, what promotions have been the most effective for you? Have showed the most results?

Honestly, I have no idea. LOL I’m mostly an internet promoter by necessity. I live in Northern Canada, and doing book signings isn’t really an option for me, buying big ad and such is twice as expensive for me because of exchange rates, and it’s extremely hard to see what is making an impact and what isn’t. Basically, I just do what I feel like doing, and hope that it helps expose readers to my books.

Do you have a posse you write with? Do you suggest critique partners or beta readers?

Nope. I write alone. I started out writing alone, and I’ve had a couple of critique partners, but they’ve all sort of fallen by the wayside. I have writing friends I talk to and brainstorm with when I, or they, need to sort something out. There’s also one or two writing friends I send stuff every now and then, just to see if I’m making sense on the page. And I have one or two beta readers who I’ll send things to see if I’m making sense. LOL but basically I write alone.

Do I recommend them? It all depends on the writer. Some people thrive in critique groups, others feel overwhelmed and insecure. I think trying them is a good idea, simply because I think it’s hard to know what works for you if you haven’t tried everything. But by no means do I think they’re a must-do.

Tell us about your latest release MOST WANTED? Would you like to share an excerpt?

MOST WANTED is a single author anthology, and the idea for it came when readers kept asking for more of specific characters. By that I mean, each novella in MOST WANTED is either connected to, or a sequel to, a previous story of mine from Aphrodisia.

Lexy and Devon from THE CRIB in the Pure Sex anthology are together again in HIDDEN CRAVINGS.

Detective Jackson Barrows watched his partner fall for a thief in SEX AS A WEAPON in The Cop anthology, and in UNRESTRICTED ACCESS, he does some falling of his own.

NO ANGEL continues my paranormal Hunter series with Gabriel Mann, the work hard-play harder younger brother of Caleb Mann from SEXY DEVIL, and demon hunter Anna Blair.

**This excerpt contains adult content and is intended for those who are at least 18 years of age.**


Devon’s gaze practically burned a hole in her back as they left the club. And it felt good. Lexy was sorry that his cousin was missing, and she was going to do everything she could to find out what happened to Theresa, but she wasn’t sorry Devon was back in her life, and would soon be back in her bed.

Anticipation of a long sleepless night wrestling between the sheets with Devon had her insides trembling in eagerness as she drove back to her apartment. Once inside, she closed the door to the apartment and leaned back against it, just taking in the sight of him in her front room.

Cell phone in hand he stood in the middle of the room, staring at the floor as he dialed. Tension built in the lines of his body as he dialed the phone and waited. He closed his phone and raised his head, his turbulant gaze meeting hers.
“Still no messages?” she asked.

His lips pressed together and he shook his head once. He took a deep breath and deflated in front of her eyes, dropping onto the sofa with a big sigh. “I have to call my family.”

Lexy’s chest tightened and her heart went out to him. He was beating himself up over Theresa’s disappearance. She could almost see the blows land. I was too late. Why didn’t I ask what what wrong? What am I missing?

Pushing off from the door she walked over to the sofa and climbed onto his lap. Straddling him with her knees next to his hips, she rested her hands on his shoulders. Their eyes met and she smiled.

“It’s nice to see you again,” she said softly.

He didn’t answer, just looked at her, hunger slowly taking over his expression. God, it was good to feel him beneath her again. Devon had always been like magic to her. Sexually inexperienced she wasn’t, but the man touched her in a way no one else ever had, and she wanted that again. She wanted his touch, his taste. She wanted to feel him buried deep inside her body, she needed that connection again. But more than that he was hurting, and she wanted to take that pain away. She might not be able to do that completely, but she was sure as hell going to take his mind of it for a while.

She shifted closer, so close that a deep breath would make her breasts brush against his body, and cupped the back of his neck. Pulling him down for a kiss she whispered, “It’s more than nice to be touching you again.”

Their lips met and opened. It was as if the last year had never happened, as if they’d never been apart. There was no adjustment period. Devon’s tongue speared between her lips and took control, dueling with her, stroking her to a fever pitch within seconds. She clutched at him, her fingers gripping his silky hair as she tried to get closer still.

Large male hands covered hers, stilling them as he pulled back with a groan and buried his face in her neck. He nuzzled her neck for a minute, and a shiver ripped down her spine as she fought for some semblance of control over her body. Devon kissed her behind the ear, and then stood up and set her on her feet, letting her go completely.

“I’ll take the sofa.”

She gaped at him. “Excuse me?”

“I’ll sleep on the sofa, tonight.”

Chaos reigned within as her brain tried to make sense of what she was hearing. “What? Why?”

“You don’t ‘do’ relationships, and I want more than sex from you, Alexis.”
She noted his flushed cheeks, his rising and falling chest as he struggled to breathe, and there was no denying the hard-on pressed aggressively against the button fly of his jeans. What the hell? “Are you telling me you haven’t slept with anyone since me?”

“That’s not what I said.”

Of course not, she thought. Confusion turned to anger and she snapped,“So it’s just me you won’t fuck?”

He started toward her, hands out, then stopped short. “It’s just you that I want more from. Don’t you get it? You’re special. Do I want to fuck you six ways from Sunday? You bet your sassy ass I do. But even more important than that is the fact that I like you, Alexis. And I think we can have something really good together.”
She planted her hands on her hips. “Sure, we can have a damn good time.”

Devon's mouth turned down at the corners and he shook his head. Something tightened in Lexy’s chest and she stared at him blankly. He was serious, he was going to sleep on the couch, and leave her alone in her bed!

She left him there, in the middle of her living room with a sheet, a pillow, and no more words. It was all she could do not stomp her feet and throw a temper tantrum that would do her Italian heritage proud.

Damn the man, it always had been all or nothing with him.

She stripped off her clothes and threw herself on her bed. She tossed and turned, until finally, she lay there staring at the ceiling.

Kane’s comment on her outfit had reminded her that she’d actually been on a date earlier that night. A boring date, but what did she expect? Dating was new to her, and it showed. She wasn’t used to sitting across from a guy and playing twenty questions unless she was trying to get specific information out of him for a case. That’s not to say she was inexperienced with men, just with dating.

She’d never dated Devon. She’d met him and within hours they were rolling around naked and sweaty. Sure they’d talked some. Not as much in person as they had after she’d come back to Vancouver and they’d only had the phone as a way to connect. But they’d talked a bit. She certainly felt like she knew him, and he knew her. Which is why his saying no was so fucked up. He knew what she was like. He knew she wasn’t exactly your typical girl who wanted dinner dates with flowers and goodnight kisses.

Dating had never been a priority for her before, she’d had other things to deal with. First it had been hunting down her parents killers, by the time that was done, she was focused on her solitary life of helping those who needed it. When she wanted sex, she went out and found a man who could give her what she wanted, and that was that.

Only recently she’d started to wonder about what she’d been missing out on with her single minded lifestyle. What would it be like to have friends, fun, and a man around for more than just sex?

It was all Devon’s fault. She’d been just fine living her life her way until she’d met him. Even that brief stint with him in Edmonton had been okay, but he hadn’t left it at that. Oh, no. He’d called, and they’d talked. He’d given her hints at what it would be like to share more than her body with someone. He’d created this freaking yearning to have more in her life.

But he’d been so far away, and yet in other ways, too close. So she’d started dating. God, what a mess that was. It was so not worth the effort. Which was maybe a good thing because if her date earlier that night had been going well, it wouldn’t have been very nice of her to dump a guy the minute she saw Devon on her doorstep.

And there was no doubt in her mind she would’ve done exactly that. Not just because the man only had to look at her to get her to get her heart pounding, but also because he’d been there for her when she’d needed back-up. There was knowledge of each other between them, a trust that went beyond that of a lover.

She flipped over again and punched her pillow before burying her face in it. But they were lovers. And he still wanted her, it had been clear in his eyes. She wanted to connect with him again because she knew he was hurting. She wanted to comfort him in the only way she knew how and he’d thrown it back in her face!

“Screw this,” she muttered and jumped up from the bed. She was already talking as she strode into the living room and flipped the lights on. “I don’t do relationships because I’ve never had one. I don’t know how have a relationship!”
Devon sat up on the couch, completely awake. “Tony? Jimmy D? Those are relationships. And what about Michaels tonight? You have some sort of relationship with him.”

She tried not to notice the fact that he had no shirt on. Devon was by no means a boy, he was man’s man all the way through and it showed in his body. Lean hard muscles, a light pelt of hair that enhanced those muscles and made her fingertips burn to touch. Giving herself a mental head-slap she focused on what he’d said.
“They’re my uncles! And Kane is married, it’s not what you think.”

He stared, his eyes burning in a way that suddenly reminded her that she was completely naked. She slept in the nude, and she hadn’t even thought about it before storming into the living room.

Finally, Devon stood to face her, his voice rising to match hers. “They’re still relationships, Alexis. You share yourself, your life with them. Sleeping with a person doesn’t make it a relationship, sharing does!” He scrubbed and hand through his hair. “Hell, we were well on our way until you decided to clam up and shut down.”

“Family is different and you know it.” Anger fueled her arousal as she moved forward until she stood directly in front of him, chest–to-chest. Her heart was pounding and hot blood was racing through her veins. “Relationships aren’t my thing, Devon. Especially a long distance one.”

“You saying you don’t “do” relationships is just an excuse. You cut me out of your life because I was getting too close. You were starting to care, and that scared the shit out of you.”

He waved an angry hand around her apartment. “Just look at this place.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Her apartment was hardly a penthouse, but she kept it neat and clean. What the hell was he talking about?

“You’re place is full of photos of family and people you’ve loved. I see Tony and Jimmy, you and your parents when you were a kid. I’m guessing that’s you and your first boyfriend.” He pointed to one of her and Mike. “You know how to have a relationship, Alexis. You’ve proven you understand what family is, and loyalty is a core part of you. You’re just too damn stubborn.”

Desperate to make him understand, but too angry and aroused to try and form coherent words she just grabbed him by the head and pulled him down for a kiss.

Like putting a lit flame to gasoline, they were ablaze within seconds. Strong male hands roamed over Lexy’s body, pulling her closer, stroking down her back, cupping her ass and squeezing, lifting. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and whimpered.

So good, he tasted so damn good. Felt so damn good, so right. They fit together perfectly, hearts pounding in time as Devon moved, turning and setting her on the sofa, sliding to his knees on the floor. He dragged his lips away from hers, nibbling, sucking and biting his way across her jaw to the sensitive spot behind her ear.

“Ahh,” she cried, arching her back and tilting her head to give him better access.

“God, Devon. I’ve missed you.”

FOR MORE EXCERPTS PLEASE VISIT: http://www.sashawhite.net/bookshelf/most-wanted

What is the most extreme sport you’ve ever done, or adventure you’ve ever taken, and what did you learn about yourself?

Oh lord. I’m not sure, what do you think is more extreme, Skydiving, white water rafting the Kali Gandaki river in Nepal, or cliff jumping in South Africa? I’ve done all of those and more, and I’d have to say the one thing they’ve all taught me is that I like adrenaline. *grin*

Like me, you have a love of photography. What subject matters do you like to shoot and do you feel that being able to work in other creative outlets help your writing?

Working creatively in a any area helps all the others to blossom I think. Creativity isn’t bound to one medium, and as creative people neither should we be. I got into photography with my travels, and have a ton of scenery/landscape shots. They’re probably what I feel most comfortable with, but I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite. I really enjoy taking pictures of people. Not necessarily portraits, but sort of catching people unaware, or getting them in their natural environment. I would love to buy a Macro lens so I could explore that aspect of things some more.

If you were a nail polish, what would it be called and why?

Goddess. Because I believe there’s a goddess inside us all. :)

Any advice for our writers or parting words for our readers?

Writers: Follow your heart.

Readers: Thank you.

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On May 25, 2009 at 10:55 AM , booklover1335 said...

My thanks to you for writing the books that you do, and an extra special thanks for that excerpt! I can't wait to read Most Wanted.

You are much more of an adreneline junkie than I am, I can't believe you have done all of those things.
I also love your photography. I was not aware that you expressed yourself this way as well as writing until I started visiting and exploring your website.

Please keep writing, no matter what the economy, and you will always find readers:)

On May 25, 2009 at 12:47 PM , Lil said...


I really enjoyed the Hidden Cravings excerpt. Have really enjoyed reading your books. Trouble is one of my favorites.

Was aware you had decided to take a break a bit ago from reading your blog posts. Am anxious to see where your new path will take you and your readers.


On May 25, 2009 at 1:20 PM , Sasha White said...

HI Bklover,

I hope you enjoy Most Wanted. As for the adrenaline thing, yeah, it sounds pretty wild when I list the things I've done, but when I'm doing them it never really occurs to me that they're wild. LOL Part of the fun I guess.

The photography is fun. I enjoy it, and often wish I could spend more time on it.

I'm writing again, so I hope readers will enjoy it too.

On May 25, 2009 at 1:22 PM , Sasha White said...

Hi Lil,

YAY for Trouble. I'm glad you like Samair and Val's story. Kelsey in MY PREROGATIVE is the bartender form Val's bar., and both of them show up in her story a bit too. :)

I'm anxious to share what I've started working on too, but not yet Don't want to jinx myself. :) Keep reading my blog and as soon as I can, I'll share. :)


On May 25, 2009 at 1:36 PM , LKap said...

Great interview and Excerpt - I just finished Most Wanted and loved it. I really like getting back to characters that are introduced in other books - WELL DONE! (as I knew it would be!)
You are a goddess - and I'm seeing bright red ;-D

On May 25, 2009 at 2:01 PM , Laura K said...

Just had to stop by, Sasha, and wish you well. Keep writing...I do wish that at some point you return to the "Wicked" universe you created. That story was so awesome!!

I must agree with booklover..if you're good, people will keep buying you in the economy. You're the cream of the crop and DON'T forget it!

On May 25, 2009 at 3:03 PM , Sasha White said...

Thanks LKap. I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed the stories. :)

On May 25, 2009 at 3:06 PM , Sasha White said...

Thank You Laurie. I do think about doing another "Dungeon" book. I'm sure it will happen sometime, just no promises on when.

Mason Hardin, the owner of The Dungeon is sort of calling to me. They're just whispers every now and then for now, but I think eventually he'll get his story.

On May 25, 2009 at 3:08 PM , Karin said...

Hi Sasha!

Great interview! You have definitely done some extreme sports. The closest I've come to any of that is kayaking down a river in the mountains. I tend to stick to the normal sports and play volleyball at least twice a night.


On May 25, 2009 at 3:24 PM , Jane said...

Hi Sasha,
I loved "Wicked." Karl is one of my favorite heroes. Congrats on the upcoming release of "Most Wanted." I'm looking forward to reading the three stories.

On May 25, 2009 at 5:21 PM , Jax Cassidy said...

I'm so glad I had a chance to interview you. Wishing you much success. I know you're doing great and love the fact that we share photography in common! :) You're so talented...

On May 25, 2009 at 6:38 PM , Bonnie H said...

Sasha, I've looked over your website and am in awe of all the traveling and adventuring you've done!! And of course, I love everything you write =0) Just finished Trouble and My Prerogative and I'm about to start reading Wicked and let me tell you I am TOTALLY stoked for Karl's story!! Thank you!!!

On May 25, 2009 at 7:53 PM , Amy S. said...

Great interview and excerpt!

On May 25, 2009 at 8:14 PM , Lilly Cain said...

Hi Sasha!

It was so good to read this interview - it was like talking to you again at RT. You know what color I picture "Godess" as? A rich deep color, past purple, into the shades of summer night skies. :)

Loved the exerpt too! Can't wai to read this one!

On May 25, 2009 at 9:27 PM , Caffey said...

Hi Sasha! I recently bought MY PREROGATIVE! I remember reading yours first with your AQP SF books! I love THE CRIB and so thrilled to read more of them!! I know I said that before but they come to mind often, so they really stood out with me, and I begged often for more of them! So much in the future to look forward more of yours Sasha! With all you're writing, there still some themes out there that lingering that you'd like to write?

Thanks for those beautiful words on following your heart!

On May 26, 2009 at 12:18 AM , Kytaira said...

Great excerpt! I love when hot sex is combined with the thoughts and emotions of the characters.

I did a tandem jump once. It was ok. I was supposed to get a fighter jet ride but was pregnant and couldn't. That one I can blame on my son!

On May 26, 2009 at 9:05 AM , Natasha said...

OH! I hope I am not too late!! I love Sasha!