Okay, I'm busy, but it isn't THAT bad! LOL

The day job boss had to unexpectedly go out of town this week, so you'd think things would calm down, but they really don't. I'm preparing for our quarterly meeting that is next week, which is always a hectic time.

I'm working on a synopsis for my next Samhain book. It's tentatively titled Scent of Persuasion and is book two of my Sensory Ops series. I'm looking forward to diving into this one.

Also this week, I'm co-teaching a marketing and promotion workshop with Misa Ramirez. It's free and not too late for you to join. We're at Candace Havens' Write Workshop Groups. Check out her website, or I have the links you need on my website.

And have I lamented yet that this is Destruction's last week of school and that next week they set Chaos free for the summer? Wonder what they're going to do all summer? I only have two of the weeks planned out for them. Well, one week is in CIS' hands as I'll be in DC for RWA Nationals. The other week, we're hitting Florida to visit great grandma. While we're there, we're planning to take in Disney World, which should be fun as CIS is the only one that's ever been, and a beach. Chaos wants to go ride the glass bottom boats so we may have to do that. I'm wondering what kind of crimes/stories I can plot while I'm there. After all, my Sensory Ops team is based in Florida. :)

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