We were recently awarded two blog awards:

The first
The Premio Dardas Award

from Greta at http://idonotwanttowaitiwantthebooknow.wordpress.com Thank you, Greta! We appreciate you!

So now to spread the love!

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.

The rules to follow are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to other 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award. (I’ll be contacting everyone later in the week. I’m on my laptop and don’t have access to all of e-mail addresses yet.)

So the list from our three blogs...

Shelley Bradley/Shayla Black - http://shelleybradley.com/blog

Gemma Halliday, Christie Criag, Leslie Langtry, Jana DeLeon, Kathey Bacus - http://killerfictionwriters.blogspot.com/

Karin Tabke - http://www.karintabke.com/blog

Candace Havens - http://candacehavens.com/blog

Gena Showalter - http://genashowalter.blogspot.com/

Kristen Painter - http://www.kristenpainter.blogspot.com/

Petit Fours and Hot Tamales - http://petitfoursandhottamales.blogspot.com/

Eden Bradley - http://edenbradley.blogspot.com/

Katie Reus - http://katiereus.blogspot.com/

Kwana Jackson - http://kwanawrites.blogspot.com/

Dawn McClure - http://dawn-mcclure.blogspot.com/

Nathan Bransford - http://nathanbransford.blogspot.com/

Rosemary Clement Moore - http://rclementmoore.livejournal.com/

Larissa Ione - http://www.larissaione.com/soapbox/

WriteMinded Authors - http://www.writemindedblog.com/

And the Second Award

Your Blog is Fabulous

We also received this award from Greta! Did I mention that I love this woman?!

So now to spread the love:

Rules are: Write 5 things I am addicted to and then nominate 5 other blogs to pass this award on to! (Again I will e-mail the individuals later this week)

5 things I’m addicted to (I'm going to channel Jenius Jax for some of these answers.):

1. Romance Books - was there any question?

2. Chai Tea

3. Internet families and hanging out with writing friends!

4. The Pretender - even if the writers did end it in a crappy place.

5. Angelo - my 8.9 inch laptop.

Now for my five blogs:

Wicked Writers - http://wickedwriters.blogspot.com/

Sylvia Day/SJ Day/Livia Dare - http://www.sylviaday.com/blog/

Devious Denise - http://denisemcclain.com/blog/blog.html

Jax - http://jaxadora.blogspot.com/

Abi - http://www.abimckenley.blogspot.com/

Thank you for the awards, Greta! You rock and I will always be your driver to book signings. ~ Naughty Nikki

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On February 24, 2009 at 6:10 PM , Jax Cassidy said...

Oooh! They love us, they really love us! LOL

That's so sweet. I think it's cool we would be included in this wonderful award.