I'm hijacking Abi's blog day...since it's obvious we haven't been on track this entire week, I thought I'd focus on what we can do to take control of our lives.

You can't watch a news show without them giving you pointers on surviving these hard economic times. All topics are covered from tightening your belt, job interview etiquette, to rebuilding your credit. This is definitely hard times for many of us, we need an outlet for all the mixed emotions twirling inside. I'm sure you've asked yourself: Why is it happening to us? To me? What can we do to cope?

Unfortunately, I don't have those answers. What I do have is a simple suggestion. We can't control what goes on around us but we can certainly heal ourselves in order to take control of our mental health. Yes, you can! Before you roll your eyes and yell at me for being crazy, hear me out.

Being a spiritual person, Buddhism has many wonderful practices and encompasses various techniques to help one gain control of one self. “Mindlessness” is one of those. What is this, you say? Well, it is when there is a loss of awareness resulting in forgetfulness, separation from self, and a sense of living mechanically. A person can restore a balanced sense of health and well being required to increase awareness of all aspects of self, including: body, mind, and heart. Okay, this may sound like a whole bunch of stuff you don't understand or don't want to know but I promise it's the best way to feed your soul.

In order to take charge of your head, mindfulness is the first time you become aware of something. There is fleeting instant of pure awareness just before you conceptualize the thing, before you identify it in your head. Instead of focusing on what it is, you must remember not to drift into thoughts of the past or concerns about the future, or getting caught up in "thoughts" or opinions about what’s going on around you. When you have clarity of mind, you will have better focus and the right mindset to make wise decisions. Most people are basically flapping their hands in the air, grasping for whatever will make them feel better about themselves without understanding the consequences of their actions. Through quick ten minute meditations daily, you can re-energize your mind and find that inner calm. Peace.

How does it work? You can do one of two things. You can do the standard meditation practice of sitting Indian-style, drop your hands to your thighs, and relax in a quiet environment. Or you can lay on your back on the floor or on your bed and just close your eyes, relax your body. Focus on your breathing and tune out everything around you. Don't listen to the noise, don't find a reason to be distracted. Mostly, don't think this is some stupid holistic exercise. If you try it, you will see that what you are doing is focusing on your inner energy...this will relax you completely. Every ounce of your being will find that relaxed state and if you can remain there for at least ten minutes, you will be surprised at how much mental strength it's building. It's allowing you ten good minutes in which you are allowing your body, mind, and soul to heal. You'll find that you'll have more energy, more confidence, more patience. I'm not saying it's going to work overnight but you can keep a journal of your meditation and document how you feel after the sessions. Maybe the next time try to meditate for twenty minutes. The best part of all this is that it will inspire you.

Just remember, no one can enter this sacred state because you own it, and it's yours alone!

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On February 26, 2009 at 10:29 AM , Naughty Nikki Duncan said...

Great post, Jax. And it's funny because I was just talking to Chaos the other day about maybe she should try this same kind of thing. :)

On February 26, 2009 at 1:45 PM , Jax Cassidy said...

I'm telling you, it's going to calm her down! Besides, we all need to be sane once in a while.