It takes more than your eyes to see.

As writers, we have the ability to use our eyes in so many different ways. Not only do we have to see what's in front of us, we also have to see with our minds to create a story that readers will visualize. Sounds kind of confusing, doesn't it? Well, when I write a story, I like to see it like a film running in my head. I see the actors, the setting, the action. I see everything that makes sense to me and if the film appears to have something out of whack in it, I slice it out. Like any good film editor, I have to make sure every segment fits. Of course, as writers we tend to horde all the scenes because we believe they are perfect...unfortunately, that's a flaw we should give up. Writers should be able to step back and view the movie in our heads and make decisions that will be best for our story. The way we describe everything with the use of the senses (touch, smell, taste, see), the believability factor is strengthened. I'm one of those writers who like every sentence to flow. Like poetry, like literature doused in scotch where the words run across the paper and the sharp smell permeates your soul.

Often we think we are seeing the big picture but, in fact, we are blind to the obvious. We get stifled easily and we forget that our senses are more alert than the average person because we rely on every detail to make our stories jump off the page. It's when we don't think we are capable of comprehending, or hinder our ability to process what we've seen, we are only making an obstacle for ourselves. Don't let fears control the natural vision because our readers will know it.

I see more than with my eyes. I see things from my memory, a song I've heard, a painting that stares out at me behind glass walls. When you are able to see beyond what is apparent, you're so much closer to understanding where to start. It's always difficult to begin a project but if you allow your eyes to lead you through the scenes, they'll turn out so much richer...

Well, tomorrow I start working on my new paranormal project and this will be one of the most intense challenges of my life. This is where I must trust my eyes to show me all the things that I hope will captivate the audience. It's dark, it's dangerous, and it's darn sexy...

Now, for all you writing out there, open your eyes and really SEE!

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