I can't believe how screwed up I am with the days of the weeks. I've been busy booking a flight home in September. You see, my mom is having knee replacement surgery and so, being the only one in the family with no children, I agreed to stay with my mom at the hospital for 2 weeks and then an additional week to help her with the recovery process. I'm not new to staying at hospitals as I had spent most of my life in them as well as during those times when my dad had been hospitalized. Doesn't sound like a good track record for health in my family but I can attest that I am as healthy as can be.

I spent the day running errands and taking care of all my clients before my trip. I'll be lucky if I can get wifi in the hospital but I am at least excited at the prospect of being forced to write for at least 3 weeks. I will most definitely have to plan for guest bloggers while I'm MIA. So, with school starting up real soon, I'm sure many parents are excited about dropping their kidlets off and having a full day to do the things they couldn't all summer. :)

While we're so busy with life, I think it's important for women to indulge. Just do it. Eat chocolates, go to a spa, get a pedicure...whatever the heck pleases you because we spend so much time on others that we often forget we need to focus on ourselves. I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to take an hour or two out of your day to do something special for yourself.

Tell me, if you could do one thing to pamper yourself...what would it be? The sky's the limit....

I think I'd take Mr. Jax to a secluded tropical island called Little Palm Island off the coast of Key West...It is the most amazing place and I've been eying it for a while ever since I was browsing the internet for vacation destinations. It's going to be a big decision between this type of secluded getaway and St. Lucia...I'm definitely going to write this down as a goal!

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