I can feel the cold season creeping through and know that winter is right around the corner. There's a devilish delight because I love breaking out the winter clothes. I love layering shirts, wrapping up in scarves, knit caps, and stomping around in those cute and comfy UGGs that people loathe. When the Christmas lights and decorations come up, I get all giddy because it's a confirmation that the holidays are near. It's also a great time to stoke the fires, curl up to a book, and just take everything in stride. Most people may find this time of year stressful but I find it rejuvenating. I'm re-energized and ready to meet all those goals I set out for at the beginning of the year.

Since cold weather can be hard on the body, there's a few products that I rely on to get me feeling all soft and pretty...don't we deserve to feel pretty?

Naturally is a product in Canada and this whipped Wild Mint Lime lotion in a 4 oz tube is to die for! It smells so good and I'm totally addicted to the creamy smoothness, without the oily after affects of most lotions. I stumbled across it at The Cracker Barrel. I know! It's around $9 a tube but well worth the price.

Neutrogena's Moisture Shine lip gloss not only tastes good, it hydrates the lips and has just a hint of color to make your lips look natural and shiny. I hate those lip gloss that taste too sweet..if I want candy, I'd rather be eating that instead of my gloss. It's taken me several dozen of trial and error buys before I found this one and it's a keeper. For $6 a tube at Target, it lasts quite a while even with several applications a day.

I love, love body butter! Bath and Body Works has the most amazing selections but my all time favorites are the Japanese Cherry Blossom and the Velvet Tuberose. I'm thrilled that they're $7 each when I normally get them for $15. I need to load up on them because I can't get enough of the product. The mild fragrance and the great softness that comes after the application always make me feel like I'm pampering my skin.

Another great buy at Target is Botanic's brand products. These face washes, scrubs, moisturizers are all amazing stuff. My favorite is their Purifying Face Scrub for $8. I usually use face wash in the shower and then the face scrub and I guarantee a shiny softness to your face. I even noticed that it helps when I have minor breakouts.

Hopefully you'll take a day out of the week to make your own mini-spa...just sink in the bath, light the candles, and make sure to indulge. Between work, life, family, and everything in between...YOU should come first.

Okay, I'm off to write...

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