My family has been invited to a costume party. I have my costume, a Play Boy Bunny, but I'm wondering what I should get for CIS. I was thinking of getting him some silk jammies and he could be Hugh. He would also be comfortable, which he would love. What do you think? Can you think of something else I could do for him that would be fun/funny?

Now, for some exciting news. Reviews and feedback is beginning to come in on SOUNDS TO DIE BY. It's a Recommended Read from Joyfully Reviewed and I've received emails from other reviewers and winners of ARC giveaways that they LOVE it. As this is my debut book, I'm sure you can imagine I was a little nervous about how it would be received. My mind has settled tremendously with the positive responses.

And if you want some exciting new for you, for the month of October I'm having a party at my personal blog. I'm celebrating my release, my anniversary, and other authors with October releases. Some guest bloggers are having their own contests on their day, but every Saturday is Giveaway Saturday. The prizes with get better each week and will end with an eReader pre-loaded with some great books given away on Halloween. I hope you'll come visit. Here is the kick off post that explains the details of the party.

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On October 7, 2009 at 5:43 PM , alba said...

I think going as Hugh H is Great Idea dont forget to pick up some licorice pipes
Enjoy the rest of your day.